This Odd 6-Second ICE Hack Melted Away All My Winter Weight!

(New Me, New Wardrobe!)

Hi, I'm Sherry, I'm 66, live in Fort Myers, FL - wife, mother of 2, and a new grandma!

Until recently, my attitude towards health was "Well, I'm old... I can't do much about it"

It all changed a few months ago when I attended my college friend's funeral

She used to be heavy like me and passed away abruptly...

Without seeing many things in life including her grandkids

This incident hit me hard and changed my attitude

I didn't want to be stuck at 217 anymore!

And keep struggling, to even cut my toenails...

I really wanted to travel the world with my husband, and play with my grandkids...

And enjoy retirement without worrying about my health

But I had NO clue how to hit my goals...

I kept looking and trying many things

Nothing seemed to work.

That's when Glen moved into the newly built house next door.

We quickly became friends and she invited me to her home for dinner!

As she showed me around her new home...

I was looking at a wedding photo on the wall

Glen chuckled and said "yeah, that's me! I was a pumpkin back then"

My eyes popped and my mouth opened in awe!

I could NOT believe how different and amazing she looked now!

I wanted to ask how she did it but I felt embarrassed...

While we had our dinner

She said "you should try this ICE Hack... it got me here"

I guess she figured I wanted to know... Just by my reaction to her wedding photo

Later that night, she sent me a text with a video link about the hack

I watched it to the very end...

I was not convinced if something so simple could work...

but thought "Well, Glen did it"

So I decided to give it a try, and I'm so glad I did...

Today I'm down to 139 and melted a few dress sizes!

Once I started doing this every morning:

>> My cravings were gone!

>> I could still eat all my favorite foods without the guilt or constantly stressing out about exercising.

>> I stopped worrying about the numbers on the scale as my dress sizes kept going down.

>> I started to sleep all night and woke up energized/

>> And I felt more confident and younger than ever!

Trust me,

I gave up trying to lose but I would have done it ages ago, if only I knew it was this easy.

I'm so grateful that Glen showed me this hack and I love sharing it with everyone I know

Watch the same video that melted my dress size!

I promise you will not regret it!